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Champion Insert Split Log set w surround

Insert gas fireplaces and log sets are the perfect fusion of convenience and ambiance, designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing fireplace space. These versatile units offer the allure of a traditional fireplace with modern efficiency.

The insert gas fireplaces provide instant warmth at the touch of a button, eliminating the hassle of wood and the need for extensive renovations. With realistic flame effects and adjustable heat settings, they transform any hearth into a cozy focal point, creating a comforting atmosphere without the upkeep of a wood-burning fireplace.

Log sets, on the other hand, bring the rustic charm of logs without the need for a full fireplace setup. They fit effortlessly into existing fireplaces, providing the look and feel of a genuine wood-burning fire, complete with glowing embers and authentic crackling sounds. Both insert gas fireplaces and log sets offer a hassle-free way to enjoy the allure of a traditional fireplace, making them a popular choice for those seeking warmth and ambiance without the maintenance.


Savannah Insert Champion gas fireplace
Savannah's Insert DVI2600
Napoleon Oakville GDIX4 Life-Stone

Log Set

Seville Fireplace Logs
Gas Fireplace Log Set

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