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Choosing exactly how you’d like your fireplace to look and provide heat is a big decision, and being able to choose from an array of fireplaces is key. That’s why at The Fireplace Warehouse we display as many fireplaces as we can in our large showroom, so you can compare them side by side to see the flames, feel the warmth and imagine how each will perform in your home.

We offer a wide range of reputable brands in electric and gas fireplaces for a multitude of design and function options. These models range from basic to luxury and allow us to perform installations from new home construction and simple replacements to large scale renovations. Our sales team is well versed in reading floor plans and assessing projects first-hand, plus they can provide free-of-charge quotations or on-site estimations as needed.

With a wealth of expertise from helping you choose the best fireplace to fit your needs, to offering installation services within the lower mainland. Whether you’re looking for maximum heat and efficiency, or a decorative option for smaller spaces, we’ve got you covered. Come see us in person and browse our vast selection of top brands in gas and electric fireplaces or check out some of our other options such as barbeques, smoker grills and outdoor fire tables.

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