Introducing Pioneer ABR19

Revolutionizing Apartment Heating Solutions

Pioneer ABR19 gas fireplace
upgraded apartment fireplace

The abundance of inefficient Apartment B-vent gas fireplaces presented a significant challenge, often leaving residents with no viable options for more efficient heating solutions.

Until now…

Engineered specifically to revolutionize outdated B-vent gas fireplaces in apartments, this pioneering solution offers unparalleled efficiency without compromising on performance or aesthetics. Designed to seamlessly replace existing units, the ABR19 breathes new life into spaces, providing a modern and highly efficient heating source.

The Pioneer ABR19 stands as a testament to Savannah’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. It provides an effective pathway for replacing inefficient B-vent gas fireplaces, offering residents a reliable, high-performance heating solution that aligns with modern energy-conscious practices. This groundbreaking invention signifies Savannah’s dedication to enhancing apartment living by introducing an efficient and environmentally friendly heating alternative.

Before and After installation of Pioneer ABR19
Before and After
Pioneer ABR19 before and after install
Before and After
Pioneer ABR19

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