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Westwood Free Stand


High: 26,500
Low: 18,500

EnerGuide 72.38%

Five piece log set, safety screen,
ceramic brick panels,
full deluxe system



The Westwood boasts one of the boldest flames we have ever designed. The entire bottom of the burn chamber is one big stainless pan burner and much like the DVI26,000 Champion, the flame works its way around the log set creating an incredibly realistic burn. The log set and brick set are new designs for us; the brick being a darker shale rock design and the log set is big, bold, dark and charred.

The stoves slightly more contemporary design is meant to fit in with the rest of our lineup. It is also different and somewhat modern compared to the tired traditional look of freestanding stoves out there. Modern, but not too modern. We always aim to be unique!

Viewing Area: 14″ H x 21″ W

Direct Vent

Free Standing

Additional information


4" & 7" venting


30" H x 28 1/2" W x 17" D

Viewing Area

14" H x 21" W

Efficiency Guide

EnerGuide 72.38%

Add Ons

Pedestal for Westwood

Deluxe System

Includes fan, electronic ignition, seven day thermostat programmable remote, modulating flame