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Select 42


High: 30,000
Low:  22,000

EnerGuide 67.15%

Surround, deluxe system,
porcelain liner, ceramic glass,
four piece traditional log set


It is big and it is stylish. The Select 42 is a 42” flush clean face fireplace that comes complete with porcelain panels and a deluxe system as all of our limited line of fireplaces do. However, the Select 42 also showcases our new “traditional” style log set and our revamped burner with increased flame. It is a good looking fireplace and fully loaded!

Viewing Area: 23 1/2″ H x 34 1/4″” W

Direct Vent

Zero Clearance

Additional information


This unit requires 4" & 7" venting

Optional: Termination Kit

Termination Kit (TTK)
You will need a termination kit.
If your installer is supplying then you do not need to purchase here.

Framing Dimensions

43" H x 45 3/4" W x 19 1/2" D

Actual Dimensions

36" H x 40 3/4" W x 17 1/2" D

Viewing Area

23 1/2" H x 34 1/4"" W

Efficiency Guide

EnerGuide 67.15%

Deluxe System

Includes fan, electronic ignition, seven day thermostat programmable remote, modulating flame